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GPS Retirement helps clients plan for and protect their assets during retirement.

Also, we help to create strategies that are as simple as possible for our clients.  And as part of our commitment to our clients, we continue to provide optimal products.

We have 3 core principles that guide our strategies:

Safety First

Keep your money safe and protect your principal.


Achieve a Reasonable Rate of Return**

Keep it simple

Your retirement strategy should be simple, not complex.

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GPS Retirement

GPS Retirement works with clients to minimize confusion in planning for their financial future. Founder, Tom Guidici, has more than 15 years of experience working with clients in the financial and insurance industries. His passion is helping everyday Americans get the stress-free retirement they have worked for all their lives. Through his tailored approach, he is dedicated to helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

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Protect Your Retirement Income

An important concern for retirees is their retirement income. Therefore, keeping your principal protected becomes a priority.  So, with a good retirement strategy, you can protect your money from losses. We can guide you through several retirement options.

Achieve A Reasonable Return

It is possible to obtain a reasonable rate of return** (RRR) with the right strategy. Fixed index annuities and life insurance policies offer both principal protection and a reasonable return. 

Simple Retirement Strategies

It doesn’t have to be complicated to plan for retirement.  We use customized strategies to protect your money and achieve reasonable returns**. 

The Key to a Successful Retirement

The money you have accumulated over the years should be kept safe.

Our team can help you reach goals that will last a lifetime. Schedule a no obligation meeting to discuss your specific needs and goals to successfully plan for retirement.

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