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What Is An IUL?

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance, or IUL, is a type of universal life insurance that can offer:

With IULs, you have the potential to take advantage of stock market returns without the risks. Additionally, it builds up a tax-free death benefit for your beneficiaries. Instead of growing based on a fixed interest rate, it’s based on the performance of a market index, such as the S&P 500. In contrast to investing directly in an index fund, however, you won’t lose money if the market declines. This is because the principal is covered by a guarantee*, that protects it against losses. It pays interest based on the movement of the indices. 

Types of Universal Life Insurance

Several types of universal life insurance are available. An inflation-adjusted fixed rate is one example. Another example is the variable rate. A variable rate is invested in the stock market so it carries more risk. Indexed universal life insurance offers some advantages over other universal life insurance policies An IUL might be a good option for those seeking flexible insurance that offers higher growth potential than universal life. Also, they can provide some of the upside potentials of the stock market without the risks. For instance, the principle of an IUL is guaranteed* while the interest rate is determined by market conditions. So, it can be an advantageous combination. The team at GPS Retirement can help you explore options based on your specific needs.

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Overview of How Indexed Universal Life Insurance Works

Premiums cover a portion of the cost based on the life expectancy of the insured. Cash value is added to the rest. Your money may also earn an interest rate based on an index. The cash value is credited with interest based on index increases. And, no direct investment is made into the stock market. Some policies allow you to select more than one index instead of just one. This offers you greater flexibility when choosing your IUL. 

You can allocate your money in several ways. Certain policies earn a fixed interest rate, while others fluctuate according to an index. This cash may also earn interest based on the index. In addition, you can earn interest on the third part of your money if you decided to put your money in another index. There are several options for planning your retirement. Connect with us to learn about IULs and how they might suit your needs.

IUL Benefits for Life

Indexed life insurance can benefit your retirement strategy in a number of ways. 

Connect with us to discuss if indexed life insurance is right for you.

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