One of Our Three Core Principles:

Safety First

A Safe Place For Retirement Money

Safe Retirement Strategies

Protecting your assets is a top priority during retirement. Taking risks is more common when a person is employed.  Generally, we have more time to recover from losses. However, priorities may change as an individual nears retirement.  As we age, we are likely to take fewer risks. Our strategies help retirees to keep their money safe. We can help you discover a safe place for retirement money.

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Lifetime Retirement Income Is Possible

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Is it possible to save tax-deferred for retirement? With the right retirement strategy, you can earn tax-deferred income. Indexed universal life insurance policies (IULs) may be beneficial for retirees. An IUL does not impose a tax on its cash value. Benefits can include both tax-deferred income and death benefits.

We help retirees feel confident about their retirement strategy. Our team aims to help our clients protect their money from losing its value.

We help our clients understand these three principles:

Safety first

Your principal should be protected.


A good retirement strategy should be simple.

Earn a Reasonable Rate of Return**

And protect your principal.

Create a Stable Retirement Income

Additional retirement strategies include IRAs, 401(k)s, and, 403(b)s, to name a few. The idea is to save long-term. You rely less on your job as you approach retirement and more on your savings. Now, your money can be put to work for you. Therefore, you need a reliable strategy for creating income during retirement. 

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Creating A Safe Place for Retirement Money

A retirement strategy should consider the safety of your principal. Our team will be able to assist you in preventing financial loss and preserving your assets. Fixed index annuities (FIAs) make this possible.

Our retirement protection strategies include annuities and life insurance products. A guaranteed* lifetime income is possible with annuities and life insurance policies. Your money is protected by an FIA, even if the market is down. In addition, some products offer reasonable returns over time. FIAs protect retirees’ money and earn a reasonable return**.

Another benefit that an FIA offers is tax deferral. The tax implications of an FIA are different than mutual funds or certificates of deposit (CDs). An FIA does not require you to pay taxes until you withdraw money. In this way, deferred taxes enable you to accumulate wealth and have a safe place for retirement money.

GPS Retirement’s Safe Retirement Options

GPS Retirement places safety first. Making sure your retirement principles are safe is essential.

And, individuals should know their retirement options so they can make informed decisions. You can create a safe and effective retirement strategy with help from our team. We serve clients in the Rhode Island area, including, Warwick, East Greenwich, Narraganset, and more. Connect with us to learn more about your retirement options.

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