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Smart Retirement Should be Simple

With so much information available, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to plan for retirement. Where to put money safely requires a great deal of decision-making. Additionally, there are several types of policies that cover a wide range of products. A 401(k), a 403(b), a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, etc., are just some of the options you can choose from. Smart retirement can seem far from a simple process. 

Planning For Retirement Can Be Simple

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Even, with multiple retirement options available, retirement doesn’t need to be complicated. It is one thing to ride the highs and lows of the stock market when you’re in the growth phase. However, it is quite different nearing or during retirement. Depending on market fluctuations, you may suffer some losses. You could end up risking your retirement nest egg. Retirement is a time when you should secure your assets.

There is an easier way to accomplish this. Certain insurance products, such as fixed index annuities (FIAs) and indexed universal life insurance (IUL), may provide greater protection. These products can potentially offer guaranteed* lifetime income and reasonable rates of return**. Using just one or two products, you could potentially protect your principal and earn a reasonable return. Now that could be both simple and smart retirement.

Putting Retirement Into Simple Terms

As you near retirement, you may want to review your retirement policies in detail. Your retirement strategy should be well prepared for your future. Some individuals, however, may find this overwhelming. Oftentimes, people are unaware of what their statements mean or where their money goes. Moreover, you may be worried about the impact of the market on your retirement. For smart retirement, you need a simple strategy that puts safety first.

Consider the following factors when planning your retirement strategy:
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Smart Retirement Made Simple

Do you have questions about your retirement strategy? Do you want to make things easier to manage? 

At GPS Retirement, we strive to make your retirement strategy as simple as possible. The financial world can be complex, but your retirement doesn’t have to be. We help you to make an informed decision by providing information and education. In order to simplify retirement, you need a retirement strategy you understand and are confident in.

To help keep things simple, we offer no-obligation workshops, dinner seminars, and webinar events. We can guide you on safe retirement options and a reasonable rate of returns.  Do you live in Rhode Island or a surrounding city? Call or join us at a seminar to learn more!

We talk to clients about their accounts and financial situations at our annual reviews.

With our assistance, you can plan for a smart retirement by protecting your assets. 

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