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Plan Your Retirement Income Strategy

Investing in the market is a delicate process. The performance of a stock will change with time. So, if you want to prevent losses, you must do your research and invest the right ways at the right times. If you ask us, it would be best to work with a financial advisor with an “active” approach to money management. We can help you with this.

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Actively Vs. Passively Managed Money?

“Active” money management differs from “passive” money management. If your investments are managed passively, someone isn’t keeping up with them. This might work fine over a long period, but it comes with high risk. “Active management” meanwhile, entails someone advising you on how to invest, to hopefully increase your chances for long-term success.

Annual Meetings With Clients

Our annual “checkups” with clients offer an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at their finances, the success of their current retirement strategy, and how it may be improved upon. Checking in on you to make sure that your finances are still in order is something that sets GPS Retirement apart from other firms like us.

Some things we’ll discuss with you include:

  • Your asset allocation may be out of balance
  • Your portfolio may not be as diverse as you think
  • Your financial goals may have changed in the past year
  • Or, your life situation could’ve unexpectedly changed
  • Laws also change: For example, tax laws frequently change
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